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 -Rules of SNC-

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PostSubject: -Rules of SNC-   -Rules of SNC- EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 11:44 pm

Yes, we have rules. Follow them. >:O
Or be eaten...
  • Please use moderate language when posting in the forums. This means to refrain from cursing since we may have younger audiences on the site.

  • No malicious or harmful links/downloads. Those reported to be posting such links will be banned. Period.

  • Please be respectful to other users. That means offering constructive criticism and definitely no flaming allowed.

  • PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING IN CAPS ALL THE TIME. Or TyPiNG LiKe ThIs? IsN'T It AnNOoying? Also Use Proper Punctuation And Grammar Please.

  • Please don't post personal information about other users unless given permission.

  • No suggestive or inappropriate material.

  • Please do no post spoilers about any kind of manga, book, or show unless indicting so before hand with something like, ****SPOILER****

  • Please do not join just to advertise. An advertising forum will be created eventually in which you can advertise there but for now, no random advertising. Not even for Shamwow. -shot-

More will be added later....
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-Rules of SNC-
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