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PostSubject: ✰ General F A Q ✰   ✰ General F A Q ✰ EmptySun Feb 27, 2011 1:24 am

✰ What is Sora no Chorus?

Sora no Chorus, or SNC for short, is a chorus-by-audition group created by us, Cloudy and Ham.

✰ How can I join?

Unlike many choruses you see out there now, we are not a permanent group. Passing an audition does not get you in on future songs, nor being rejected from a chorus prevent you from ever auditioning again. We hold completely separate auditions for each and every song.

✰ How do I audition?

Check out our "Open Auditions" thread or our youtube channel to find out what auditions we are currently hosting. For more information, please read our Audition FAQ.

✰ I made it in!

Congratulations then! Make sure to submit your lines by the due date, vocals only, to the correct thread on the forums. For more information, please check our Submission FAQ.

✰ ...I didn't make it in D:

Keep in mind that as more people hear about SNC, it becomes increasingly hard to get it. Not passing the auditions does not, in any way, signify that you are bad at singing. Nevertheless, we will always be willing to give tips on how to improve if you ask. Also check our Audition FAQ to avoid common problems, such as not knowing the lyrics or having too much background noise.

✰ When will the next chorus be out?

Generally a chorus will be finished roughly a month after all lines have been submitted, though it may take longer. Please be patient with us, as we are both still in school and have other commitments as well.

✰ Can I request a song?

You may post any suggestions on the Suggestions thread, but we cannot guarantee that we will sing it. Choruses are very time consuming, and we can only do so many.

✰ Can I be a mixer/animator/staff person?

Maybe one day when the chorus gets bigger, but until then, these positions will not be open ^^;;

✰ What do you use to mix/animate + can I have tips?

We use Audacity to mix and Sony Vegas Pro 9,0. We'll be happy to give advice if you pm us (:

✰ Can I post on the forums if I'm not a member?

Again, there is no such thing as a "member" of SNC - so anyone is free to post here! Just be sure to abide by our rules and drop by the Introductions thread~

✰ I have more questions. Who should I ask?

You can pm us on youtube, and we will get back to you as quickly as you can. You also have the option of pm'ing either of us individually, either on the forums or YT (Cloudy's yt - Azuranii, Ham's yt - hamxham88)

✰ Thank you for visiting our forums! ✰
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✰ General F A Q ✰
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