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 ✰ Submission F A Q & Guidelines ✰

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✰ Submission F A Q & Guidelines ✰ Empty
PostSubject: ✰ Submission F A Q & Guidelines ✰   ✰ Submission F A Q & Guidelines ✰ EmptySun Feb 27, 2011 2:48 am

(This is for those who have passed the auditions and need to submit their lines.)

✰ How To Submit Your Lines ✰

Record yourself singing the whole song. Yes, the whole thing. Occasionally a rough coding will be released, indicating where your solo will most likely be. It is, however, subject to change at any time. Please keep vocals as raw as possible, with the exception of noise removal and possibly echo (but keep it at a minimum).

Upload to a file sharing site, preferably mediafire.com or 4shared.com. Please name your file with this format: [Name] Song Title - Description.mp3. For example, [Cloudy] Spica - Main Vocals.mp3 or [Cloudy] Spica - Harmonies.mp3. (Always submit harmonies seperately.)

Post it to our forums. There will be a thread under Audition Winners for each chorus, and that will be where you submit your lines to. Please include your name and yt account in your post, like the following:

Name: Ham
YT: hamxham88
Other comments: ohai there.
Lines: thelinkgoeshere.

... and you're done!

✰ Do I have to sing harmonies? ✰

No, unless we specifically ask you to (we usually won't unless you included them in your audition.) But if you know them and would like to sing them, by all means, go ahead (:

✰ Can I submit multiple versions? ✰

I don't see why not.

✰ I can't make the deadline. What do I do? ✰

Our deadlines may sometimes be rushed in an attempt to speed things up. If you cannot make the deadline due to whatever reason, please be sure to tell us BEFORE THE DEADLINE! We will gladly extend the time for you, as long as we know that you will send in your lines. Failing to notify us will result in a bad impression and, at the worse, being kicked from the chorus.

✰ Can I choose my picture? ✰

Seeing as our animations usually have specific requirements for people's pictures, we will be choosing them for you. However, if you have a picture in mind that you really want to use, tell us and we will use it if we can. Or, if you want to be a specific character, tell us and we will do our best to match you up (unless too many people are fighting over the same character ^^)

✰ Hope this helps! ✰
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✰ Submission F A Q & Guidelines ✰
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